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John P. O'Connor, Dublin Therapy Centre, Baggot Street, Dublin 2. and Killney Co Dublin 
Tel  086 608 42 92
If calling from outside Ireland -  00 353 86 608 42 92

Email  info@dublintherapycentre.com

or dublintherapy@gmail.com

Counselling, Psychotherapy, NLP and Clinical Supervision


Therapy and Supervision are available in City Centre and Killiney, South Dublin



Call 086 608 42 92 to book your appointment

Supervision for other therapists is also now available



Counselling - Psychotherapy - Change - Improvement -Help - Support- NLP -Growth - Development  - Integration - Challenge - Movement.............and More.  Dublin Therapy Centre offers professional 'one-to-one' counselling and psychotherapy services to clients in a city centre location in Dublin.

John O'Connor, Master of Science in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, Member of Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, Master of Business Studies (Human Resource Management), BA in Business (Psychology).





Hello, My name is John O'Connor,
I am a Qualified, Professional, Experienced and Accredited (MIACP) Counsellor and Psychotherapist
based in Dublin City Centre. 

I am also trained in NLP and IEMT. (see the next few pages).
I have put a list of my qualifications to help you on the next page of this site. When you do see a counsellor or psychotherapist please make sure they are similarly qualified.  If you need some advice on how to choose a therapist please give me a call on 01 254 20 66 or 086 608 42 92 or email dublintherapy@gmail.com

To make an appointment simply eMail me in confidence

at dublintherapy@gmail.com or info@dublintherapycentre.com

or call 086 608 42 92 

I enjoy working with people (like you!) using appropriate techniques and interventions to suit and help each individual client.   I work on an individual level with adults to explore, support, challenge and change whatever you may need to consider in a safe and supportive environment. 

A limited number of Counselling appointments for new clients will be available soon

Tel 086 608 42 92

Evening counselling sessions may be possible to suit your needs
email info@dublintherapycentre.com or call 086 608 42 92 to book your appointment


 I offer a professional, confidential and individual counselling and psychotherapy service to clients in the Dublin Area.  

 Mail me on dublintherapy@gmail.com or info@dublintherapycentre.com
or call 086 608 42 92 to make an appointment.

People have sought out my services for problems such as:
- Stress
- Relationship Issues
- Depression
- Anger
- Addiction
- Co-Dependency
- Bereavement and Loss
- Family problems
- Anxiety
- Shame Issues
- Childhood or Adult Experienced Trauma
- Sexual Orientation Issues
- Coping with Problems at work
- Financial worries
- Physical or emotional illnesses
- Surviving physical and/or sexual abuse
-  Exploring who they are, could be and want to be 

Mail me on
dublintherapy@gmail.com or info@dublintherapycentre.com
or call 086 608 42 92 to make an appointment.


Other clients have had issues which might not fit into any of the above categories. Some people have sought help stating:

"I don't feel good enough"      "I feel angry all the time"      "I am afraid"    "I don't want to mess up my kids"      
" I need counselling"  "I have no confidence"     "I am ashamed"     "I can't tell my family I am gay"  "I get really jealous"
"I hate myself"      "I can't get over ...."   "I keep repeating the same behaviours"  "I keep thinking negative thoughts"  
"I am anxious all the time"     "I am being bullied in work"   "I would be better off dead"       "I am lonely"  
"I had a miscarriage"   "I settle for sex when I want love"      "I feel guilty all of the time"  "I can't cope"  
"I spend a lot of time crying"  
"They never noticed what was happening"  "I hate when he drinks" "I hate my life"   
"I am a bad parent"  
"I cannot have a relationship with anyone"   "Nobody understands me"   "My life is a mess"
" I was raped" "I keep getting into the same kind of relationships"    "I just lost my job"
"I will never find love"   "Nobody ever listened"  "I feel really sad"    "I need help" 
"My life has no purpose"     "I can't live without him/her"  "My childhood was awful"
"I just want to be normal"     "I can't get over my past"  "I am just f-----d"     "Nobody cares"  "I can't forgive..."
"Other people drive me mad"   "I worry about stupid stuff"    "My family don't talk to me"   
"I don't love my partner"   "I couldn't tell anyone at the time"   "I was abused"
"My last therapist just sat and stared at me.... I did NOT find that helpful"
"I think I am going Crazy!"

........... The list goes on but the problems don't have to....

If any of these sound or feel familiar, You might want to call me on 086 608 42 92 to book your appointment
or mail dublintherapy@gmail.com

dublintherapy@gmail.com or info@dublintherapycentre.com 
call 086 608 42 92 to make an appointment or to get more information

If you get voicemail please let me know when is a good time to call you back
Location Map is below - Dublin Therapy Centre is opposite Bank of Ireland Headquarters on Baggot Street

Tel 086 608 42 92
If calling from outside Ireland - 00 353 86 608 42 92


John O'Connor is a qualified, experienced Counsellor and Psychotherapist working from Dublin City Centre, Ireland.  He has a Master of Science degree in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy from Dublin City University. In addition he has a Masters in Business Studies, specialising in Human Resource Management from University College Dublin and a Bachelors degree in Business specialising in Psychology.
 John is a full member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. (IACP)
He is also trained and licensed as an NLP and IEMT Practitioner.
Contact John on info@dublintherapycentre.com or 086 608 42 92


John O'Connor - Therapist


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